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Overweight child

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1. School doctor

If your child is in primary school, he is regularly checked by a school doctor who works for the Youth Health Care. They keep track of how he grows in length, but also in weight. If your child is overweight, the Youth Health Care will inform you. An overweight child is more likely to become ill later on and it is therefore important to do something about it in time.

2. Measuring and weighing

Many parents regularly measure and weigh their children themselves, but how do you know if your child is overweight? You can find out whether your child has a healthy weight with a simple test: the Body Mass Index (BMI). This test is done by the school doctor and you can also do it yourself at home via the website

3. Diet children

It is not recommended to let your child loose weight without help. Children need all the nutrients to grow well. Therefore, ask your GP (doctor), youth nurse or school doctor for advice. They may refer your child to the right healthcare provider for help, such as a pediatric dietitian or pediatrician. If you have any doubts or questions about the weight of your child, you can always contact your GP or youth nurse/school doctor.

4. Cause

It is not always immediately clear why a child has become a bit overweight. Maybe he/she eats or gets drinks that you didn’t know were high in calories. It is also often a matter of eating too large portions.

5. Some tips:

  • Eat at the table and not in front of the TV or behind the computer. Children (and adults) eat relatively less at the table than in front of the TV or computer.
  • Make sure that your child cannot reach the candy in the house. Instead, put fruit on the table.

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  • Take a look at snacks: what’s in them in terms of sugar, fat and calories? This can be clearly seen on the label that is on a product. Many products that seem healthy are not. “No added sugar” doesn’t mean there’s no sugar in it. A slice of gingerbread or fruit biscuit seems suitable for children, but it is just a cookie with a lot of calories.
  • Make sure that your child does not drink soft drinks, packs or fruit juice too often. These drinks contain a lot of sugar.

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  • Are the portions your child eats suitable for him/her? A child is enough with one portion of food per meal and does not eat as much as an adult.

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