Our service

Our service

Voorlichting Vertaald is an initiative developed for and by healthcare professionals to improve care for non-native speakers around the world. With a team of medical translators worldwide who all recognize the language barrier with non-native speakers, a health-promoting intervention has been set up: a digital platform of patient information and questionnaires in 22 languages. As a result, non-native speaking patients and clients can now read information when they have visited a doctor or specialist. The platform also takes into account the multicultural aspects through the use of illustrations of various ethnicities. Finally, all information within the platform is maintained and retranslated if necessary.

Education and patient information in 22 languages
Within the platform you can access the following 22 languages: Afghan , Algerian, Arabic, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Congolese, Eritrean, English, French, Iraqi, Iranian, Yemeni, Moroccan, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Sudanese, Somali, Syrian and Turkish.

Information in Dutch is freely available. Please note: the Dutch version is for the healthcare professional himself. Therefore, no translation to low literacy has been made yet for the Dutch language.

Our translators have a medical or paramedical background and reside in the country for which they translate. The translations are checked for quality by a third independent translator with the same native language before we place them within the platform.

Intake, health history, follow-up appointment and medication prescriptions in 22 languages
Within the platform you can also take an intake/anamnesis, visit questionnaires and an evaluation of care. These are closed questions, which can be completed by the non-native speaking person using a form in our website. In this way, as a healthcare provider, you are able to take a correct medical intake or anamnesis and to further inquire about complaints. Finally, the platform offers a way to communicate a follow-up appointment and medication prescriptions with your non-native patiënts.

Low-literate people and culture
All education, patient information and questionnaires within our platform are written with regard to reliable sources from medical professional associations and guidelines. Our translators have taken into account possible low-literate people. Information is further clarified by means of images, and taking into account of the culture differences.

Free access to ten topics
Healthcare professionals can request free access to ten common topics. More information about this can be found at https://voorlichtingvertaald.nl/pilot-aanvraag/

With Voorlichting Vertaald you now have:

· No more time-consuming actions with Google Translate.

No more contextless translations with translation engines like Google Translate.

· No miscommunication due to the use of informal interpreters

· Quality and safety of care for non-natives.

Better health outcomes and higher client/patiënt satisfaction

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